Saturday, 1 April 2017

Thoroughly Modern Eco

Ey up my faithful blogworms, really nice to get a totally Eco local kitchen for a change and this is the first of two on the trot. 

A lovely couple with an Eco conscience, shall we say not in the first flush of youth, showing that it's not just the younger generation who are Eco aware. More power to them, I say !

A Cashmere Grey kitchen with matching doors from our Eco2 range, with Eco E1 grade board laminate worktops, high recycled content stainless steel sink and finished with Johnsons 35% recycled content tiles. At base level, making a very affordable totally Eco kitchen.

I'll let the pictures speak !

Oh how I love badly 'out of square' rooms, still that's why scribing was invented

Wall units going up with the trendy 'masking tape' handles

Proving that my mate actually does earn his keep !! He'll not thank me for this picture !

Can't help it, I'm "tidy plumbing" obsessed, control over water is essential in my book.

This is where it got really weird, an out of square room where we had to scribe the cabinets to make sure all the lines and edges were true. Once we got to cutting the worktop joints, NOT ONE BUT BOTH of them came out perfectly square, still scratching my head over how the hell that happened ! But, I'll take it as it makes cutting the joints a lot easier. 

Re-use and recycle was another of the principles used here as we refitted all the existing appliances into the new kitchen. Saving money and saving waste.

Very smooth modern look, their colour choices, provided by the recycled content tiles.

The sink was the only new 'appliance' we fitted.

What is there left to add, thoroughly modern, totally Eco, budget kitchen.

Tune in next week for the next gripping installment of local Eco.

Same place, same time, different location, different style, different client but still totally Eco

Jules !


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