Saturday, 18 March 2017

Taking Liberties !!

Ey up my faithful blogworms, another new product this week. 

Over the years, a lot of you will already know that we've been offering painted doors in any colour you like, any size you need.

 It's been our proud boast for a long time that there isn't a kitchen in the UK that we can't fit replacement doors to and that still stands !! However, you've also asked if we can supply kitchen unit doors that you can paint yourself or have a specialist kitchen painter create effects for you.

Well, we have done this before but now we've found a new range of doors that expand that concept.

Below is a picture of the Hoxton Finsbury door painted in one of the standard colours from the range. 

Here at Milestone HQ, we have been given exclusive availability on this door in a new way for you, our treasured customers.

1. Importantly, it can still be made any size we need it to be, enabling us to us it for absolutely any kitchen out there.

2. It's an unusual and very stylish woodgrained MDF Shaker door, so when painted, it looks like a timber door but without paying timber door prices, therefore keeping costs down.

3. As you can see from the picture, we can cater for the increasingly popular curved doors, something we haven't been able to do up to now in this way !

4. It's a 21mm thick door, so a good solid door, none of the thin flimsy articles that seem to have been popping up in the market lately.

5. And this is the "Ace in the hole" it's available ..... Primed in white for you to apply your own paint effect or finish straight on to the door.

The big advantage to being able to paint your own doors it that at any time in the future when your kitchen starts to look a little tired, you can simply re-paint it yourself, giving it a low cost, whole new lease of life.

You've all heard, I'm sure, people say " It's only ............, how hard can it be ??" Usually before they dive into a project and ruin it through either lack of knowledge or lack of skill .... or both !!

This is very different, however, because quite literally all you need is a tin of paint, a small foam roller & tray and a bit of patience and the results can be extremely satisfying !!

We'll call it ....The Liberty Door....... giving you freedom to choose your own style !!


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