Saturday, 7 January 2017

Re-inventing the wheel

Ey up my faithful blogworms, Happy new year to you all, we're back after Xmas and firing on all 4 cylinders with massive news from Milestone HQ !!


COMING SOON !! The revolutionary " Handless Shaker Door " invented by us and the only one "in the world" ( said in a Jeremy Clarkson kind of way !) will soon be alive and well and living on display in our showroom. We've carried out a few installations with it so far and it's gathering speed. The HOTTEST NEW DESIGN the kitchen industry has seen for years, decades even, and it's available to everyone EXCLUSIVELY FROM MILESTONE ( he said feeling rather smug ! ). Once we get the display fitted it will shortly be going up on our website, available in many Eco configurations and many mainstream versions. There's something for everybody, whatever your persuasion. Check it out !

The above paragraph appeared recently on our Facebook page and I'm extremely pleased to announce the display is going in as we speak !!

 It's not quite finished yet but I just couldn't wait to show it to you all. 

This really is the most significant new door design to appear in years and it's all ours ! 

It can also be all yours simply by coming and talking to us and see what you think and grabbing a piece of kitchen design history in the making !

 We conceived the door to fit into our growing Eco stable but soon realised that we can offer it in all the conventional materials aswell.

The initial concept was due to be offered in 3 ways:

1. Sustainable American Tulipwood in a natural finish

2. As above but painted with an Organic paint

3. Medite Ecologique ( environmentally friendly MDF .. Google it for more info ) painted with Organic paint.

However, whilst we aim nowadays for development in Eco products, we feel this unique new design should be available in more traditional materials also.

So, we will be able to make it in Sustainable Oak, Maple, Ash, Walnut and normal furniture grade MDF and painted in whatever colour you wish from whichever range of paints you choose.

The potential for this door is absolutely massive !

Our display is made in Tulipwood and painted in a Farrow & Ball colour: Elephants Breath ( I really don't know where the hell they get these names from ! ) 

I really can't stress how revolutionary this new door design is. I've come up with new door designs over the years, some work, some don't but this one is a bit like re-inventing the wheel in it's significance.

As I said earlier, come in and witness history in the making, It's British made, nay, Yorkshire made and makes me proud to be a Yorkshireman. !! Our county has such a lot to offer, we should begin to re-focus and look north rather than south for inventive, creative thinking !!

Wow ! 


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