Saturday, 21 January 2017

A quart into a pint pot, not !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, here at Milestone HQ I think we're absolutely "on fire" !!

We've brought you the Milestone "Handleless Shaker" door ...... A world first !

We've brought you the "Visualiser" ...... to see colours in real life and real time !

And now .... pause for drum roll ........ Probably the most significant step forward in kitchen planning for years ..... the "Milestone kitchen unit Volume calculator" 

The what ??? .... I hear you say, well check this out and I will explain !

Question: How do you know if your kitchen is adequate in size for the needs of your household ?

Upto now we've had no reference point by which this can be judged and we're hoping this humble document will go a long way towards solving that. It's very simple in it's approach, most good ideas are ! 

Every kitchen survey we book now, this sheet will be taken along and used to record the existing units. Using the chart we can work out how much useable storage volume there is in it. When we plan a new kitchen for you, we'll repeat the calculation to see if an increase in storage has been achieved within the kitchen space.

This could, should and we hope, will be adopted throughout the land to give the very first benchmark by which any kitchen can be judged in terms of the actual storage capacity within it.

Every kitchen, to be effective, should have enough storage in it to adequately support the size of the family living in the house.

2 important figures will be: Storage in cubic metres against number of bedrooms (and hence occupancy)

As we gather data, we can look at the figures and recommend the storage volume you should have for your kitchen to be effective. Get this right and the impact could be enormous on saleability of your home. It could also impact on housebuilders by consulting the data to give them the right size kitchen for any house they build. 

OK, we're a long way off that yet but you've got to start somewhere !!

This is where you, my faithful blogworms, can help us gather data for a huge survey of what's out there. Email me for a calculator sheet (with instructions) copy it and get all your friends and family to fill it in and send it back. Anyone can have one ... they're free .... and even if you're not able to come to us for your kitchen ..... take it to whoever you are using and say "Right, this is the storage volume I have, now improve it ! "

This could spell the end of tiny inefficient kitchens and give us all improved working space at home !! 

It's not about squeezing a quart into a pint pot, it's about efficient design !!

Get on board and let's do this ! 

email: for your copy today or contact us through our Facebook page

Exhausted.... Jules !

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