Saturday, 12 November 2016

Yet another "Milestone" in kitchen furniture !

Ey up my faithful blogworms, it is with great delight this week, that I would like to share with you a brand new range of kitchen doors and complete units that we have taken in to our fold.

The "Hoxton" door range is a range that dovetails perfectly with our ethos of being able to replace unit doors on any kitchen in the land.

Those of you that know us already will know that every single unit door we have in the showroom can be supplied to refurbish your kitchen in any size we need or form part of a new kitchen where custom sizes can be important. This range ticks those boxes !

There are over two dozen different colours available, just some of which are shown here, all in colours that are bang on trend for todays discerning kitchen buyer

Standard Shaker doors are available as well as plain flat doors and flat doors with integrated handles

The doors are also in two different textures: Smooth and Textured. The textured ones have a superbly embossed gentle woodgrain pattern worked into the surface, creating a wonderful worn woodgrain appearance while being easy to wipe clean. They need to be seen to fully appreciate.

This range also gives us the facility for curved doors which are very popular at the moment, creating the superb look you see in this pic.

While we are used to being able to provide your doors in any colour you like, Hoxton have chosen a great colour palette that sums up the colours being chosen at the moment. We're sure there will be something within the selection that will suit everyone !

To be able to get a range like this where we can make any size we need in a good quality, "bought in" door is very rare in our industry and to offer with a really low price price tag for bespoke products is just brilliant !!

Come in and have a look, ask for "Hoxton" and see what you think. We know you'll be impressed !

Yet another "Milestone" in kitchen furniture !

Stand still ! .... Never ! We're constantly searching for new and exciting stuff. It's what we do !


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